Course Description

Understanding living cells and their processes requires analysis of data from various imaging systems and modalities that all use different file formats. Each experimental setup can represent a unique challenge to process the data. Multi-scale dynamic processes require tracking of various sized objects, from diffraction-limited particles to entire cells.


Thermo Scientific™ Amira Software provides a comprehensive array of tools for the flexible and accurate analysis of volume data of cellular processes.


This workshop will include introductions, lectures and practical hands-on sessions on selected topics and functionalities of Amira Software from Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Participants can bring their own research data and image analysis / visualization problems to the hands-on sessions and Q&A parts of the agenda to discuss their issues with the experts from Thermo Fisher Scientific.


The workshop is equally suited for students, Ph.D. students, postdocs and technicians.
Prior knowledge in image analysis and Amira Software is not required.