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The successful candidate will participate in the development of innovative image processing and analysis techniques that will support the work of the unit. This will involve, for example, designing and implementing new algorithms for 3D & 4D image reconstruction, image denoising and deconvolution, and image segmentation and analysis. Additionally, integration of imaging data with other types of large data sets, such as -omics data, is expected to be an important part of the role. The position will require substantial direct interaction with both EMBL-Barcelona scientists and the larger biomedical imaging community, to understand their projects and image analysis needs. An important part of the position will also involve training the Facility users, both in the new techniques developed and, at times, more basic operations using existing software.

Duties (in cooperation with the Facility staff):

Design of novel image processing / analysis methodologies.
Implementation of the software required to create image processing / analysis pipelines to support the MIF’s users.
Training of the Facility users & staff in image processing / analysis workflows tailored to their needs.
Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in image and data analysis methodologies, through participation in image processing conferences and workshops.
Collaborating with the other members of the MIF staff to ensure the smooth, efficient functioning of the Facility.

You have

The position requires a Doctoral degree or equivalent in bioimaging, image analysis, or a closely related discipline. A practical knowledge of optical microscopy for bioimaging is expected, as well as the ability to develop methodologies and user-friendly software tools for a user-oriented bioimaging facility. The candidate should be able to work both independently and as part of a team in the Facility. Experience with machine learning for image analysis, image data handling, and programming languages including Python, Matlab, and ImageJ is essential. A fluent knowledge of the English language is required; Spanish or Catalan would also be beneficial.

You might also have

Additional beneficial qualifications include: familiarity with biological samples; experience with optical imaging (as a user and/or technology developer), and in particular the mesoscopy techniques used in the MIF; experience dealing with large scientific data sets (ideally this will not be limited to image data, but also include, for example, -omics datasets); and experience working in a user-oriented scientific facility.


Barcelona, Spain

  • Apply by 2021-09-24