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Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Job Description

The Account Manager position is a highly skilled and highly technical sales position which relies heavily on consultative selling skills and the use of the Zeiss Selling Process (ZSP) to meet customer requirements and individual/territorial sales targets. Success requires strong customer support, both product and application, for all BioScience and Materials CZMII products in the defined territory. This requires technical knowledge of each of the various systems and components and excellent time management skills. At all times, conduct in accordance with company guidelines and standards is expected.


The selling and support of Zeiss instrumentation and related components in the Academic BioSciences (BioMedical Research and Biotech) and Academic Materials (as assigned) markets, including Pharma and Forensics; includes Light Microscopy, Electron Microscopy, He Ion Microscopy, Imaging/Image Analysis, Laser Scanning Microscopy (LSM), Laser Capture Microscopy (LCM), and third party equipment as required while using the skill sets developed in the ZSP training.


Professional account and project management, including professional Zeiss Selling Process (ZSP) Skills: Information Gathering skills, Information Sharing skills, proposal generation, Proposal Presentation skills (including a technically correct quotation), Proof of Concept (demonstration), Negotiation, maintenance of project related data in the CRM system, forecasting, and a strong focus on customer retention, profitability and growth to the customer base.


Position includes: Base salary, 6 month guarantee, Company Car, Company laptop & phone, Expense account and Benefits