Course Description

The visualisation and interpretation of a sample under the microscope is a fundamental skill required for research today. This new exciting programme will provide graduates with a highly marketable and transferable combination of skills required for academic, industrial, public and private sectors. Based in the Centre for Microscopy and Imaging, a multidisciplinary collaborative team which are involved in many aspects of basic science and medical research will deliver the course. This MSc programme aims to up-skill participants with practical hands-on microscopy and imaging techniques, associated sample preparations skills and analysis. Currently, it is the only programme of its kind being offered by an Irish University.


In this multidisciplinary field where biology, physics, medicine, engineering and communication skills are brought together and are valued in many areas of employment and research including basic science, biomedical engineering and industry. This course aims to provide training for applied roles such as laboratory managers, technical staff positions, sales or product development, service laboratories of universities, or health-related institutes. It will also serve to assist with the progression of students to further education. Microscopy, related sample preparation skills, and analysis are now an essential component of the majority of biological science research projects and a necessity for high impact publications.


Most modules will have associated laboratory or practical components which will develop the students’ knowledge of cutting edge microscopy practises and techniques. Students will also learn translational skills which may be applied in the work force.


Galway, Ireland