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Baylor College of Medicine

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Microscopist Position Available

Location: Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Contact: Melanie Samuel, PhD, msamuel@bcm.edu, www.samuellab.org


A microscopist position with an emphasis on nanoscopic imaging is available in the lab of Dr. Melanie Samuel at Baylor College of Medicine in the field of neurodevelopment and neural disease.


Our group focuses on synaptic development and translational applications in neural diseases.  We seek to uncover molecules that control neural identity and synaptic partner choice and to understand how disruptions these choices may contribute the disease processes.  We are a dynamic group that offers an engaging work environment.


As a member of the lab you would lead our nanoscopic imaging efforts, design, direct, and conduct research experiments, evaluate and analyze data, develop and validate new protocols, design and conduct proper validation and controls for research, read and evaluate the literature, aid in figure generation and paper writing, and contribute to grant writing.

Candidates should hold a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree in Physics, Genetics, Biology, Neuroscience or a related field or have equivalent education and work experience. Well qualified candidates may also have some or all of the following experience: 1) histology expertise; 2) knowledge of confocal and other imaging modalities; 3) experience in tracking of large datasets; 4) interest and ability in people skills, communication, and time management; 5) knowledge of biostatistics; a 6) a sincere interest in or background in neuroscience; and 7) experience with tissue handling and processing.



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Applications should be directed to Melanie Samuel at msamuel@bcm.edu. Please include a cover letter and names of three references.


Houston, TX