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The Wyss Center

Job Description

The Wyss Center is seeking a Microscopy Research Technician to join our Advanced Light-sheet Imaging Center (ALICe), a platform delivering full service from sample clearing to Light-sheet imaging and 3D Virtual Reality visualization. The Technician will work both independently and collaboratively as a member of the Wyss Center to operate Light-sheet microscopes, manage post-processing of datasets, provide support services that facilitate a broad range of neuroscience and neuroengineering research projects and collaborations, and contribute to the successful expansion of ALICe. The Technician will report to the Preclinical Neuroscience Platform manager.

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter describing your qualifications and your motivations to HR@wysscenter.ch. Applications received by 31st May 2020 will receive full consideration.

Deadline: Sunday 31st May 2020


Genève, Switzerland

  • Apply by 2020-05-31