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Centre for Genomic Regulation

Job Description

Quantitative optical microscopy imaging and quantitative image analysis play a central role in the research of the Intracellular Self-Organization lab, headed by Thomas Surrey. The successful candidate will be a key lab member being involved in several projects. He or she will be responsible for further developing light microscopy methods (e.g. iSCAT/IRM, laser ablation, optical trapping, super-resolution) in the framework of the ERC Synergy Project BIOMECANET and for developing image and data analysis tools. The selected candidate will work together with biochemists and biophysicists, contributing specialized microscopy and data analysis expertise and training. The research will address fundamental questions concerning the molecular mechanisms governing the spatio-temporal organization of the cytoskeleton during cell division, using reconstituted systems and cultured cells. This collaborative work will result in publications in peer-reviewed journals.


Barcelona, Spain

  • Apply by 2021-10-03