Who's hiring?

National Innovation Center for Advanced Medical devices (NMED)

Job Description

This fully funded position is within the newly established Jiaye ‘Henry’ He lab where light sheet fluorescence microscopy development meets bio-image data analysis. The project involves building the next generation SPIM that has higher throughput, better usability and utilizes advanced computer vision for on-the-fly optimization.


1.     Ph.D in biology, physics, computer science and optical engineering with extensive experience in biophotonics.

2.     Experience in microscopy instrument building and hardware control.

3.     Experience with Light sheet microscopy specifically is a huge plus.

4.     Experience in bio-image analysis framework such as ImageJ/Fiji and Icy is a plus.

5.     Able to communicate with team members effectively

6.     No student supervision responsibility.


Min Tang Lu, Longhua Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China