Who's hiring?

Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR), Singapore

Job Description

Who are we looking for

We are looking for a researcher who is interested in joining our effort to build a cutting edge lightsheet microscope for multiplexed and high-resolution cellular imaging. The custom microscope will be used to create accurate and information-rich 3D spatial maps of single-cell transcriptomic data. That data will help us to better understand tissue biology and disease mechanisms.

Who are we

The Chen Lab (​https://khchenlab.github.io/​) at the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS), A*STAR, in Singapore, works on developing biochemical labelling and optical imaging methods to study spatial transcriptomics in biological samples, such as cell cultures or tissue samples. We use the in situ transcriptomics and spatial data to better understand how the various cell types work together in their native tissue context. This is important for tissue biology and disease mechanisms.

Project summary

One of the projects is to build a cutting edge lightsheet microscope to image biological samples. Other projects may include developing or improving methods for sample preparation, labelling, imaging, or image/data analysis.

Desired qualifications

●  Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering, Biophysics, Biomedical Science, Life Sciences or any other relevant field
●  Interest in quantitative microscopy/imaging
●  Interest in developing optical microscopy systems
●  Interest in developing or working with fluorescence in situ hybridization methods or other fluorescence labelling techniques
●  Some experience with MatLab and Python programming languages
●  Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English
●  Ability to work both independently and as a part of the team

On-the-job training will be provided by other members of the team.

Those interested to apply, please email your CV, cover letter, and contact information with three references to ​chenkh@gis.a-star.edu.sg


Genome Singapore

  • Apply by 2020-09-30