What is Microlist?

Microlist is a searchable database of listings for people who use light and electron microscopes. The listings include:

  Courses: In-person, remote and hybrid

  eLearning: Online self-paced courses, videos, books, websites & blogs

 Software & Other Tools: Software, databases, simulators & such

 Conferences & Symposium: In-person, remote and hybrid

  Jobs: Post one or find one

You may also want to check out the Special Interest topics, where we have tagged listings that are particularly relevant for core facilities, teachers, diversity & inclusion, and career development.

Please add your own or your favorite listings to Microlist by clicking on the Submit a Listing button (top right). If one of the listings in the database belongs to you and you’d like to be able to edit it yourself, contact us.

Team Microlist

We are a team of light microscopists from Harvard Medical School who like to make stuff for the microscopy community. Some of our other projects include the Fluorescent Protein Database (FPbase), the Microcourses YouTube channel, and Microforum.

In 2022, Microlist partnered with the volume EM community to expand our listings to include electron microscopy.

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