What's it do for me?

Bisque (Bio-Image Semantic Query User Environment) : Store, visualize, organize and analyze images in the cloud. Bisque was developed for the exchange and exploration of biological images. The Bisque system supports several areas useful for imaging researchers from image capture to image analsysis and querying. The bisque system is centered around a database of images and metadata. Search and comparison of datasets by image data and content is supported. Novel semantic analyses are integrated into the system allowing high level semantic queries and comparison of image content.


Overview Points
Bisque is free and open-source
Flexible textual and graphical annotations
Cloud scalability: PBs of images, millions of annotations
Distributed storage: local, iRODS, S3
Integrated image analysis, high-throughput with Condor
Analysis in MATLAB, Python, Java+ImageJ
100+ biological image formats
Very large 5D images (100+ GB)

Created by

UCSB Center for Bio-image Informatics