What's it do for me?

Icy provides software resources to visualize, annotate and quantify bioimaging data.

Icy offers:

Rate and comment plugins
Graphical programming with protocols
Write scripts in javascript or python
Reactive forum and support
Native ImageJ integration
Native Micro-Manager integration
Share your plugins and protocols online
Search and install features directly from Icy
Intuitive user interface
Get the keyboard layout
Connect Icy to Matlab
Interactive widgets
Build your graphical interface with EzPlug
Use the power of your graphic card with OpenCL
Watch sequences in polarized stereo
Watch 3D data in ray-casting with VTK
Access images in MPEG video with Xuggler
Watch Matlab image in Icy with Matlab X-server
Customize your workspace

Created by

Quantitative Image Analysis Unit, Institut Pasteur