What's it about?

The aim of the Imaging ONE WORLD lecture series is to give scientists and students the opportunity to learn from experts and leaders in the imaging field. The focus will be on ‘how-to’ image and analyse, prepare samples, labels and protocols, but also on setting-up collaborations and inspiring new scientific ideas. Speakers will be available for questions and answers. Organisers and the CRUK CI core facility staff will be able to continue the discussion and advice on how to develop your own imaging projects.

The first lectures are:

11th May 2020: ‘Probing and controlling cell biochemistry by light: FRET/FLIM & Optogenetics’ – Alessandro Esposito, MRC Cancer Unit, Cambridge, UK

18th May 2020: ‘Imaging & analysing large, living samples with light-sheet microscopy’ – Kate McDole, MRC-LMB, Cambridge, UK

25th May 2020: spring bank holiday

01st June 2020: ‘Super-Resolution Microscopy’ – Lothar Schermelleh, MICRON, Oxford, UK

08th June 2020: ‘Imaging Brain Organoids’ – Madeline Lancaster, MRC LMB, Cambridge, UK

15th June 2020: ‘Expansion Microscopy’ – Ed Boyden, MIT Medialab, Cambridge, MA, USA

22nd June 2020: ‘Open-Source Solutions for Image Data Management’ – Aleksandra Tarkowska, Wellcome Sanger Institute, Cambridge, UK.

  • Starts on 2020-05-11

  • Ends on 2020-06-22

This event will take place: