What's it do for me?

Mastodon – a large-scale tracking and track-editing framework for large, multi-view images.

  • Interactive browsing, inspection and navigation through the image data. Fast and responsive.
  • Build tracking and lineage data from images.
  • User-friendly framework to navigate through this data. Easy to relate spatial information with hierarchical information.
  • Easily orient the user in a possibly very large annotation.
  • "Point-wise" interactive editing of the tracking and lineage data. Manual curation.
  • Semi-automatic and fully automatic tracking.
  • Numerical features and statistics on tracking data. Tagging of this data. Tags and numerical features can then be used to to enrich the visualization.
  • Extensible: a 3rd party can build plugins for Mastodon:Custom numerical feature analysers;
  • Custom tracking algorithms (detection and particle-linking algorithms);
  • General-use plugins.
Is it open source?